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Silver Art Deco Embossed Foil, 1" Wide White and Light Gold Frame

Silver Art Deco Embossed Foil, 1" Wide White and Light Gold Frame

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7886SI - 1" Wide Art Deco Foil Embossed Silver, White and Light Gold Frame

Beautiful embossed white/silver and light gold frame.  The moulding is 1" wide, with a shiny, metallic finish that plays with the light. Great for your art piece, wedding photo, glamour portrait, or engagement photo. 

If you're looking for a custom matboard size, send us a message and we'll ship it with your order. No extra charges for custom matboard sizes.

【8x10 Frame】
Acrylic Size (in.): 8"x10"
Matboard Size (in.): 5"x7"
Outside Dimensions (in.): 10"x12 
Depth (in.): 1"

【8.5x11 Frame】
Acrylic Size (in.): 8.5"x11"
Matboard Size (in.): Matboard NOT included.  Message us if you need a mat
Outside Dimensions (in.): 10.5"x13 
Depth (in.): 1"

【11x14 Frame】
Acrylic size (in.): 11" x 14"
Matboard Size (in.): 8"x10"
Outside Dimensions: 13" X 16" 
Depth (in.): 1"

【12x16 Frame】
Acrylic size (in.): 12" x 16"
Matboard Size (in.): 8"x12"
Outside Dimensions: 14" X 18" 
Depth (in.): 1"

【16X20 Frame】
Acrylic size (in.): 16" x 20"
Matboard Size (in.): 12"x16"
Outside Dimensions: 18" X 22" 
Depth (in.): 1"


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Choose Your Matboard

With a large variety of matboard options, choosing the perfect matboard for your picture or artwork is easy. Our most popular options are Chalk White (W572) which has a flat subtle off-white look and pairs well with everything, and White Linen, which has a subtle woven fabric texture and a flat white finish.

Easy to Install

With pre-drilled screw holes and pre-made hanging wires for both vertical and horizontal orientations, its easy to hang up your new frame. All you need to install the hanging wire is a screwdriver! Each frame also comes with an included wall hook for easy hanging.