Custom Picture & Art Framing

Custom Framing is our specialty. We provide full-service, high-quality custom framing and we do all work in-house. We also offer printing on paper or canvas to frame digital photos.

All of our frame mouldings are made from real wood, and about half of our selection is imported from Italy. We have over 800 mouldings to choose from.

Custom framing typically takes one to two weeks. We also offer a rush service with turnaround times as quick as the next day if required.

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Online Custom Framing & Any Size Frames

Have an image on your phone or computer you want to get framed? We have an easy and fast ordering process for online custom framing.

Looking to buy a frame online? Check out our extensive selection of quality frames at any size. All of our selection is in-stock and ready to ship out.

Truly Custom Work

With our state of the art computerized mat cutter, we can precisely lay out and cut mats to make your framing project unique and exactly what you want. From multiple image layouts to custom shapes, we can do it all.

Conservation-Grade Framing

We have the ability to frame artwork at any level. From regular display to museum-level conservation, we can do it all. We carry top-end brands and a large selection of moulding.

Our Materials

Our Glass Options

We have glazing options to suit any custom framing project. Please note any shipped orders are only available with acrylic.

ART99 Museum Glass

This is the best glazing option on the market. Used by museums, this option is best suited for valuable, fragile artwork or documents. Excellent clarity to enhance viewing and vibrancy.

  • Non-Glare, ultra-clear glass.
  • 98% visible light transmission for ultra-low reflection.
  • Certified 99% UV blocking to protect against fading and yellowing.
  • Conservation grade.
  • Preferred glass choice for museums or valuable artwork.

ART70 Non-Reflective Glass

This is our preferred glazing option for most art prints and documents. Excellent clarity to enhance viewing and vibrancy.

  • Non-Glare, ultra-clear glass.
  • 98% visible light transmission for ultra-low reflections.
  • 70% UV protection to protect against fading and yellowing.

Conservation Glass

This glazing option is preferred for documents and art that needs to be preserved.

  • Meets the conservation standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
  • 99% UV protection to protect against fading and yellowing.

Regular Glass

Our regular glass option is suited for documents and artwork that do not require preservation and can be easily reproduced, such as photographs.


Acrylic is the preferred choice for larger frames, as it is shatter-resistant. Its perfect for high-traffic areas or busy homes where broken glass is a possibility.

  • 2mm thick acrylic
  • Shatter and damage resistant
  • Preferred choice for large-format frames

Our Matboard Options

We have a few types of matboards available. We have hundreds of colours, textures, and finishes to choose from.

Whitecore & Conservation Matboards

With the widest variety of colours, finishes, and textures, there's something for everyone.

  • High quality 4-ply boards
  • Over 200 finishes to choose from
  • Double-thick options available


We offer suede-texture matboards. Perfect for a bit of extra pop and texture for important documents and degrees.

  • 20 colours to choose from
  • Vibrant colours provide a stunning visual appeal
  • The unique suede texture is eye-catching

100% Cotton

For conservation-grade framing, cotton matboards provide an excellent visual appeal.

  • Made entirely from layered cotton
  • Provides the highest level of protection for artwork or documents
  • 15 shades to choose from

Our Moulding Options

With over 800 moulding options, we have something that suits every project. From formal and classic to fun and modern, we have everything.

Additional Offerings:

Floater Frames

  • Looking to stretch and frame a canvas? We have a selection of real wood floater frames in many different finishes.

Double Frames

  • If you're looking for your art to be the focal point, we offer double-framing to make your project stand out.

All of our mouldings are 100% wood, with a large selection imported from Italy or made in Canada and throughout the world.

  • Custom Canvas Printing

    We print on high quality heavyweight cotton canvas, and use real wood stretchers. Lacquered with archival-grade lacquer, our canvas prints last a lifetime and are extremely durable.

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  • Buy Frames Online

    We have a large selection of frames available online. We provide the same level of quality for our standard size offerings with real wood frames.

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  • Custom Framing for Artists

    Are you an artist looking to sell your originals or reproductions? We can digitize your artwork and provide easy framing and printing tailored to your requirements.

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Custom Framing Showcase

Order of Canada

Conservation-framed with non glare UV protective glass and a double matboard, we framed this Order of Canada to our highest standard to protect and display it for years to come.

Large-Format Printing & Framing

Printed on Epson Posterboard and famed with non-glare UV protective artglass. This framed image celebrating the studio release of the Last of Us Part II will look good for years to come.

Canvas Framing

At five feet wide, we printed, stretched and framed this striking canvas photo for display in a barbershop's waiting area.

Vinyl Record Framing

We can expertly frame and showcase your vinyl LPs and singles.

Custom Framing Questions

How Much Does Custom Framing Cost?

With over 800 frame choices, hundreds of matboards, and five glazing options, custom framing can be done at any price point. We also carry in-stock mouldings to provide value without sacrificing quality.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation.

How Long Does It Take?

For rush jobs, we can have them ready as soon as the next day.

Complex projects, large orders, and the moulding selected all affect the time required to complete a project.

If you need a quick turnaround time, contact us or visit us in-store to see how we can help.

Does Custom Framing Preserve my Artwork?

If you're looking to conserve and protect your artwork, we offer conservation-grade UV-protective glazing and conservation options.

We have experience working on fragile artwork and documents, and for conservation framing, we use pH-neutral and acid-free materials to ensure peace of mind.

What Are the Frames Made From?

All of our frame options use real wood moulding. We do not carry plastic or MDF options.