High Resolution, High Detail.

We have the equipment necessary to scan, duplicate, print, and drop-ship artwork for artists. We scan your artwork at a minimum true 300dpi resolution. This means all the detail in your artwork will be captured with the finest level of fidelity. If you are reselling your images, having a high-quality scan will ensure your end product is of the highest quality. We can digitize any sized painting/artwork. 

Having started over fifteen years ago selling our own art out in the streets of Toronto, as well as the CNE, One Of A Kind, and many more venues, we have the experience and knowledge to support artists in their endeavours. 

Our Process

  • With exceptionally high standards, we match the scan as closely as possible to the original artwork.
  • Our scans are second to none. We capture every detail.
  • Pricing is based on the size of the original artwork.
  • Our output is colour-calibrated. We will also include a print of your scanned artwork as a proof of colour fidelity.
  • ​You get a full-resolution large file and a low-resolution file.
  • We can scan any size of artwork at a full minimum 300dpi.

Art Scanning Pricing

Pricing Information

Common Sizes

8"x10": $15.00

11"x14": $23.75

12"x16": 26.60

16"x20": $34.20

24"x30": $73.50

24"x36": $89.00

36"x48": $208.00

Watercolour Sizes

9"x12": $19.50

11"x15": $24.70

15"x22": $35.15

22"x30": $69.00

Are You a Reseller?

We Can:

  • Informally advise on business plans, websites, Etsy sites, etc.
  • Turn your artwork into ready to sell finished products
  • Frame your original artwork and prints
  • Print on canvas, fine art paper, and metal
  • Print on demand, so you do not need to keep stock of your products

We charge you actual cost of shipping, so you can take advantage of our Canada Post discounts. We also provide reseller pricing on printing and framing that will allow you to make a profit when selling your artwork.